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Masterclass of Culinary Excellence

We are proud to announce our new collaboration with Miele, the world’s leading home and professional home appliance company. As part of this collaboration, we launch a set of culinary and pastry sessions with Top Chefs in Greece.

Fine Dining, Comfort Food, Brunch, Menus of the world: every kitchen represents a different philosophy that requires specialization, experience and deep knowledge of all that will ensure the perfect result.

Each session will be devoted to a different section and will cover all the topics of raw material selection, proper preparation, proper baking or cooking with absolute respect for materials and the use of the best appliances, as well as complete proposals for right food styling that will fine-tune every delicious creation and upgrade the service we provide to the customer.

During workshops, Top Chefs will create live integrated menus in the wonderful Miele Experience Center, while all participants will have the opportunity to learn, test, ask and discover this unique experience for every professional dining space.

Scheduled sessions

  • 23rd of October, Ettore Botrini “The kitchen of senses, tasting our roots and glances in the future”
  • 6th of November, Dimitris Skarmoutsos “Modern Greek Cuisine – Greek Producers”
  • 18th of December, Dimitris Chronopoulos “Chocolate Queen on Special Christmas Creations”

Should you need any additional information, clarifications or registration, please contact us at 210 6794444 or send an e-mail at The sessions are aimed at professional audiences. A strict order of priority will be respected.

culinary session

Culinary Session by Ettore Botrini


culinary session Dimitris Skarmoutsos

Culinary Session Dimitris Skarmoutsos

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